Supply Chain Ecosystem

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A plug & play Supply Chain Ecosystem, built upon physical and data flows, connecting supply to demand with decision making support and simplified processes, in one centralized and integrated point of information.

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From production follow-up to costumer support

We are a 360º degrees end-to-end solution. Imagine the journey of your collection: production follow-up, picking control, storage, stock management, order fulfillment, packing, and shipping. We are there for you handling all stages in all sales channels: wholesale, e-commerce and own stores.



Worldwide fulfillment centers

Gain access to a global network of warehouses and have a clear overview of your inventory in real time with our platform and industry experts on-call. Use our facilities for quality control, prioritize your customers demand and track your stock in real-time.

Shipping Worldwide

Carriers integration with the highest SLA

Shipping Worldwide

average reduction in shipping costs

HUUB guarantees competitive delivery costs through both scale and strategic logistic points.

World leading carriers from UPS, FedEx, DHL or DPD handle deliveries from bulk to e-commerce.


we ship for more than 70 countries worldwide

We'll handle documentation fulfillment to minimize the downtime of the products in customs.

We provide added value services such as live tracking, scheduling, customer support and returns.

Pick & Pack

Operations optimized by algorithms and heuristics

State of the art technology to optimize your sales. To respect your packaging recipe, we will customize every order with your merchandise and guidelines.

Pick and Pack
Business Development

Business Development

The human extension of our technology

Business-oriented and 100% dedicated to your business, the Account Manager will manage your daily operation and drive data. From sales insights to business triggers, everything will be oriented to success.


Say hello to Spoke and enter a Logistics Management revolution

One collaborative platform that connects the whole chain at your fingertip. The same access point granting full visibility in the present and business insights through artificial intelligence to shape the future. With Spoke you’re able to control and optimize your supply chain.

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