A collaborative, integrated and unified experience in your supply chain

HUUB Platform

We want to empower you with a plug & play Supply Chain Ecosystem, built upon physical and data flows, where supply and demand meet through simplified logistics in one centralized and integrated point of convergence - SPOKE.

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Our app


SPOKE Platform

One single platform grants full visibility and control in real time. Clear information and actionable outcomes ease the final result.


number of orders fulfilled


number of items managed


value of moved products

Live information and decision-making support with proactive notifications

Key factors for a brand on the path to growing as a global leading business.

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Product Catalog

List & view all details and edit complementary information

Product Catalog


Upload and edit purchase orders on our platform

Creating directly in our platform

Creating Purchase Orders

Bulk importing using files

Bulk importing Purchase Orders

Sales by channel

Track and analyze progress

Sales by channel

Track your orders from different sales channels or customers. Check the status and progress anytime.

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Manage and sync

Stock Management


Check the products physically
available in the warehouse ready
to be shipped worldwide.

Stock Synchronization


Spoke sends updates to platforms such as Shopify so that the products are available and always updated with new orders.


Process and status

Shipping Costs Forecasting

Shipping Costs Forecasting

E-commerce Integration

E-commerce Integration

Carriers Integration

Carriers Integration



Keep a close eye on your shipments with an integrated solution for you to control all your deliveries.

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How is this done?

One collaborative, integrated and unified experience throughout the whole supply chain.


Usability and content to grant full view over the entire supply chain. An end to end solution for all users in every business.


Live & responsive dashboards and reports that grant you complete control of every phase of the process.


All in one place. We built the capacity to integrate several platforms and merge them in one single point - SPOKE.

Business Oriented

From insights to business triggers, everything will be oriented to success. We’ll support you on defining the right path.