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A sharp service for the perfect customer experience

We are your supply chain partner that connects supply to demand in an end-to-end solution.


All fulfillment solutions your brand needs

Working with HUUB means having a bundle of solutions for an effective supply chain management.

From your suppliers to our warehouses
From your suppliers to our warehouses
Reception & Storage

From your suppliers to our warehouses

From the moment your collections arrive at our fulfillment centers HUUB handles all the inherent steps to secure the correct storage of your goods.

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Packaging with your brand identity
Packaging with your brand identity
Pick & Pack

Packaging with your brand identity

We follow your packaging recipe and customize every order with your merchandise and guidelines. Your orders are packed in our warehouse by professionals. Cardboard, bubble wrap, kraft & silk paper. We adapt packaging according to product typology, fragile or not.

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A truly end-to-end customer service
A truly end-to-end customer service

A truly end-to-end customer service

We make the process of handling returns painless for you and for your customer. From the moment of collection at the customers house to the inbound of goods, we handle it as we handle your whole supply chain: from beginning to end.

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Benefit from the partnership

Access to a global partner network

Our partner network includes all the top carriers, industry experts, fulfillment centers and tools to run your business.


Shipping worldwide

We ship for more than 120 countries worldwide and work with several international carriers. We secure the best shipping quotes and times for a quick and easy delivery experience for your customers.

Multi-carrier shipping

Integration with carriers with the strongest worldwide presence.

Multi-carrier rating optimization
Integrated shipping labels
Custom shipping methods
Shipping costs reduction
Stock allocation

Strategically located fulfillment centers

Gain access to a well-equipped warehouses with a wide range of fulfillment services. Enjoy a sharp order fulfillment service specialized in e-commerce orders.

Porto Portugal
Home of many textiles producers, brands increasingly search for the quality of Portuguese manufacturers.